Freedom Through Movement

Actionomics Therapy

Therapy with Actionomics is unique: Actionomics offers the patient an opportunity to change the root cause of injury and remove pain.  Utilizing the patented methodology designed by Mona Baker, C.M.A., R.S.M.T., each patient receives a customized approach to removing injuries and/or preventing them.

Every patient will learn fundamentals to help change the way they move each day.  Some areas that will be introduced to alleviate pain are:

Joint structure and function - how to align your bones and joints optimally

Everyday moving patterns that underlie injuries and create chronic issues (how we walk, sit, stand, work and exercise

How to organize and prepare for exercise and more active experiences in order to prevent injury

How to utilize breathing, movement sequences to release tensions and pains in the body


Sessions (1 hour) are available by appointment.    First appointments require an additional 30 minutes for history/intake for the sake of building a therapy program.