Freedom Through Movement

About Mona

Mona Clifford Baker performed professionally with both the Harkness Ballet Company and the American Ballet Theatre of New York City prior to an injury that ended her professional dance career. Searching for both the cause and solution for her foot injury, she turned to the field of movement: studying several systems of movement as behavior, she became became a Certified Movement Analyst and a Certified teacher of Labanotion.  Realizing a greater potential existed within the movement systems she had studied and subsequently taught, she pursued further research and went on to develop the patented method Actionomics.

Mona has been an Actionomics Movement practitioner as well as Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist for many years offering her expertise to dancers, athletes, and everyday movers.  Her approach for each individual is customized and focused on finding both the underlying cause and the best solution.  Her hope for all clients is that they leave their sessions with a new awareness and embodiment of Actionomics, a somatic understanding that allows them to optimize their movement potential.



  • A Certified Movement Analyst & Certified Teacher of Labanotation
  • A Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator
  • A Registered Dance Educator - Member of the National Registry of Dance Educators - with a comprehensive understanding of the unique performance needs of the individual dancers, high performance athletes and theatrical performers
  • The sole developer and owner of the Patent & Trademark for Actionomics® a high performance
  • Owner of the Patent & Trademark for Athletica® - a high performance moving instrument garment
  • Affiliated with Florida Integrative Medical Center, a holistic medical practice as Actionomics
  • Practitioner working with post chronic and acute injury restoration utilizing Actionomics
  • Author of the book, JCS - Joint Conditioning Stretching
  • Holds a Master's Degree in Christian Education