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Actionomics® is the language and tool created by Mona Baker, C.M.A. to provide the highest caliber of education and therapeutic services. While Actionomics is invisible to those not trained in the technique, it is visible to those who have experienced it, and enhances their movement capacity.  Actionomics helps individuals to achieve Optimal Performance, Prevent Injury, and Recover from Chronic and Acute Injury.

What We Do!

Performance Optimization
Are you experiencing struggling to reach the next level in your sport? With Actionomics, we design customized, whole-body, cutting edge performance strategies tailored to bring out your best!

Injury Prevention
Injuries can bring everything to a standstill - from athletics and dance to everyday living.  Therefore, it's vital to stop injuries before they begin! We will provide you with a personalized Mind/Body connection for whole body coordination to reduce the risk of injury.

Acute Injury Recovery
Do you have a recent injury that prevents you from enjoying your passions? Using the Actionomics method, we can help reduce the body's trauma from a recent injury that poses a future and/or current performance obstacle.

Chronic Injury Recovery
Just as with Acute Injury, long-term or Chronic Injury can truly hamper performance and everyday enjoyment.  By resolving the movement patterning and the conflicting forces that contribute to the bodily source of discomfort, we can help you overcome chronic injury and distress!

Who Uses Actionomics?

Anyone can benefit from Actionomics!  We do a great deal of work with dancers and athletes with current programs in Ballet and Tennis.  We also hold private sessions for individuals recovering from injury or seeking to gain the cutting edge in movement mastery!

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