What is Actionomics?

Actionomics® is the language and tool created by Mona to provide the highest caliber of education and therapeutic services. While Actionomics is invisible to those not trained in the technique, it is visible to those who have experienced it, and enhances their movement capacity. The concept of movement utilizing the Actionomics methodology helps individuals acquire their optimum performance while preventing injury

Actionomics is a patented methodology that engages the mind and body in coordinated movement, defined as the Language of Action. All other therapeutic approaches are based on the anatomy of function, while Actionomics is about the physiology of action. In other words, while others address injuries by focusing on the physical, injured area, Actionomics holistically addresses mind/body, not just the mechanics. Actionomics is not just for injury restoration. It is designed to help individuals reach their maximum potential and prevent injury in dance, sports, fitness, yoga and daily living. Anyone can benefit from Actionomics instruction, as they learn to understand the synergy between their thought, movement and joint interactions.

Expands Your Movement Potential in dance, sports, fitness and holistic wellness

Post-injury Restoration - Retrain your joints to move & prevent further injury

Injury Prevention - Learn your individual moving language

Improved Performance - Take your fitness to the next level

Sustained Energy - Play longer and smarter

Increase Creativity - Create a lasting, memorable impression - Be the best!



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