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Actionomics® is the language and tool created by Mona to provide the highest caliber of education and therapeutic services. While Actionomics is invisible to those not trained in the technique, it is visible to those who have experienced it, and enhances their movement capacity. The concept of movement utilizing the Actionomics methodology helps individuals to achieve Optimal Performance, Prevent Injury, and Recover from Chronic and Acute Injury.

What We Do!

Performance Optimization
Are you experiencing a frustrating plateau in your sport? We design customized whole body cutting edge performance strategies

Injury Prevention
Are you concerned about your risk of injury that can distract from performing your best? We can provide you with  a customized Mind/Body connection for whole body coordination to reduce the risk of injury.

Acute Injury Recovery
Do you have a recent injury that poses a challenge while you are engaging in sport? - We can help reduce the body's trauma from a recent injury that poses a future performance challenge.

Chronic Injury Recovery
Do you have a performance-aggravating source of discomfort in your body? We can resolve the conflicting forces that contribute to the performance aggravating source of discomfort in the body.

Who Uses Actionomics?

While everyone can benefit tremendously from Actionomics, our techniques can be applied to those participating in Athletics, Dancing, Fitness Programs, and Everyday Moving.

Everyday Moving   ♦  Dancers   ♦   Athletes   ♦    Fitness


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Everyday Moving

Is your everyday moving challenging for you? Do you have problems getting up from a chair or climbing up stairs? These are the kinds of transitions in body position that lead to troubling consequences if performed incorrectly. Read More




Are you realizing your personal goals from your fitness program? Are you satisfied with the results you are achieving? Are you mindful of your overall wellness for your fitness program? Or, are one or more of the following problems interfering with your progress in your fitness regimen?  Read More




Are you continuously raising the level of both your technical and expressive performance for your desired career advancement? We can help you reach your optimal level of technical and expressive performance!  Read More




Do you participate in your sport of choice with a “winning is everything” attitude despite being challenged by one or more of the following problems? Our goal is to help you prevent injury and help you achieve your optimal level of performance. Read More.



Workplace Wellness

Are many dedicated employees still challenged with work-related injuries despite company funded initiatives such as ergonomics and related treatment protocols? Read More.





White Star - One Introductory 30 minute session to include the following: Introductory Intake Review, Sample customized Actionomics application

Blue Star - Private One-Hour Sessions to include the following: Expanded Intake Review, One customized Actionomics solution for athletes, dancers, workers, and everyday movers

All Star - Five Private One Hour Sessions (10% discount) to include the following: Expanded Intake Review,Solutions to improve your sport, dance, workplace wellness, and everyday moving wellness

Red Star - Customized Group Sessions: Actionomics Injury Prevention Solutions for a specific sport, dance, fitness, workplace and everyday moving application

Lunch-N-Learn– Five One-Hour Session Series for Businesses.